doesn't make you a geek.


But I 'm pretty sure that squeeing over getting a Thesaurus does.

Oh well.  At least now I can return the one I borrowed from my English teacher.

*geeky smooches to all*
I just went out to a lovely dinner with my mom at the local diner.

While there, I decided I might as well bond a little, so I asked her if she wanted to read one of the stories I'd written.   She said yes, as long as it's not too long, and I pointed her to a short, relatively PG story.  I guided her through the characters of the show, and told her about fanfiction.  She read the story, and commented that I was a good writer.  It was obvious that she didn't really *get* it, but she was mildly supportive.  At least she wasn't telling me it was a waste of time.

We moved on, after we got our dinners, a chicken caesar salad for me and a hot turkey sandwich for her.  Midway through our munching, she says, and I quote, "So you took these characters out of the show," (slight pause here, where I expect she's starting to get it, that I write about these guys and such) "and you made them gay."

Salad, meet face.

Yeah, mom, that's what I did.

*smooches to all*


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