Here's my wonderfully blabby nonsense complainy story for today.

So last night, I had my friend over.  We shall call her Jessica.  Because that's her name.  My mom was at home, too.  It so happened that I took my shower late, because we'd just gotten back from the movies.  My mom was sleeping, and Jess was lazing about on the computer.  The shower floor was not-so-innocently planning my demise.  I slipped, fell backwards onto the corner of the tub, and pulled the shower curtain rod directly on top of my head.  Ouch. 

I got up, fully expecting to have to fend off cries of "Oh, dear Katherine, are you all right?" (Okay, maybe not *quite* that. *g*)


When I finally got everything fixed and myself clean, I came out of the bathroom to find my mom snoozing away, and Jess still drowning in the Internet.

Jess: "Oh, that was you? Huh."

My mom this morning: "Oh, I thought that was in your room.  I'm sorry.  Don't forget to clean the cat pan today."


My butt hurts.

*smooches to all*


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