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( Mar. 4th, 2009 09:49 pm)

I figure I might as well talk about it, since (I'm guessing) lots of people will be doing the same soon, too.

On the Yahoo group Sentinalia (and others, for all I know) people have been complaining  talking about the websites category being removed.  I'm just an innocent little newbie here, so I don't have all that much to say, but it seems to me that people are making this into a bigger deal than it should be.  Yes, I understand that people want to be included in the awards, and that for some, the only way is through their websites.  However, in my lowly opinion, these awards should be a warm-fuzzy-happy way to show your appreciation for the fandom and its wonderful contributors.  They  shouldn't be about expecting to win, or wanting to win yourself.  If you *do* win, enjoy it, because it's well-deserved, but remember that this should all be about having fun, not about a competition.

*falls off soapbox*

On a lighter note, I am LOVING these awards (it's my first year participating in them), and am happily squeeing as I nominate my faves.

What do you all think?

*smooches to all*
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( Feb. 22nd, 2009 09:25 am)

So, yeah.  I am bored and nosy, so what I want to ask is how you get your fics betaed.  Do you have one person who regularly betas for you?  Have you joined a list?  What works for you?

I've just joined sentinel_betas on squidge, and I'm hoping that works out for me when I'm ready with another fic.

Feed my curiosity and tell me all!  :-)

*smooches to all*

P.S. If anyone's ever interested, I absolutely love everyone on my friends list, and would be mega-grateful to have any of you beta for me!!

I've been reading/scanning the posts and comments on the discussion that Aly brought up, "I like my gay men straight" (not exact wording, but w/e). 

All I have to say is that I write fanfiction for fun, and the day I start to overthink it, like I do with the rest of my life, is the day that I pack it up and at the very least take a break.  Don't get me wrong, these discussions are all very enlightening, and thinking is a Good Thing, but for me, that's not what the fandom is about.

As for feminizing the guys...or Blair in particular....I worried about it at first, but now my mantra when writing is, "GUYS HAVE FEELINGS TOO!!"  Whether they want us to know that or not. *g*

Okay, that's all I had to say.  Haven't been here long, but it's fun to have a voice, even if it is a teeny tiny squeaky mousy one. *g*

*smooches to all*
Is it age, responsibility, attitude, mindset?  Or is it a flexible, individual thing?  I have my own opinion; I'd love to hear yours.
Okay, I just read another story that has Jim as the poster boy for 'gay America'.  What has me cracking up is that just an hour ago, I read one that calls him the poster boy for straight America.

So, question #1:  Which do you think is more accurate to call Jim a poster boy of, gay, or straight America?

Question #2:  Does it bug you when a theme or a phrase like this is re-used in fanfiction?  Personally, I love to see everybody's take on different things.

Question #3: What other repeated things like this have you noticed (I can think of a few), and do they annoy you, or do you like it?
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( Jan. 20th, 2009 05:42 pm)
What today's inauguration meant to me was hope.  As I watched it, that's all that kept running through my mind: It means Hope.  The changes won't start right away, and certainly everything won't be accomplished exactly the way we want it to.  But today means that we can legitimately hope for changes, without being far-reaching or idealistic.  The change that would mean the most to me, above everything else, would be for all of the divisions in our country to, if not disappear, then to at least lessen.  Hopefully the acceptance of an African-American man as our president will mean that in the future, our 'melting pot' country will actually begin to meld together, instead of clashing the way we so often do.  Maybe soon people will be able to accept one another without reservation.  We can only hope, but I think that today has finally given true weight to our hope.


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