Hope it's a good one!

*smooches to all*
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( Mar. 16th, 2009 01:29 pm)
I have to carry the wood in, clean up the kitchen, clean the litter pan (AGAIN--they seriously HOLD IT until I clean the dang thing), and get my stuff together to go to my dad's house.  I should probably also clean my room, at least *look* at my homework, and oh I don't know maybe, just *maybe* do something productive?

So why am I sitting here like a bump on a log?

No, seriously, I'm asking.


*smooches to all*

Edit: Stuff is done, for the most part.  Now what?
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( Mar. 15th, 2009 01:05 am)
Hmmm.  I got organized on my LJ.  I put all of my stuff into tags and such, which I've been neglecting doing for a while now. 

For me, this is almost the equivalent of a miracle, as anyone who knows my organizational skills will tell you.

I must have been really bored. *g*

*smooches to all*
I just went out to a lovely dinner with my mom at the local diner.

While there, I decided I might as well bond a little, so I asked her if she wanted to read one of the stories I'd written.   She said yes, as long as it's not too long, and I pointed her to a short, relatively PG story.  I guided her through the characters of the show, and told her about fanfiction.  She read the story, and commented that I was a good writer.  It was obvious that she didn't really *get* it, but she was mildly supportive.  At least she wasn't telling me it was a waste of time.

We moved on, after we got our dinners, a chicken caesar salad for me and a hot turkey sandwich for her.  Midway through our munching, she says, and I quote, "So you took these characters out of the show," (slight pause here, where I expect she's starting to get it, that I write about these guys and such) "and you made them gay."

Salad, meet face.

Yeah, mom, that's what I did.

*smooches to all*
doesn't make you a geek.


But I 'm pretty sure that squeeing over getting a Thesaurus does.

Oh well.  At least now I can return the one I borrowed from my English teacher.

*geeky smooches to all*
This is my Official Request for a beta (or two)!  It's TS, J/B, First Times. 

I need someone who can give me pointers on little grammar/sentence structure things, and who can help with my first 'real' (insert air quotes) sex scene. Don't worry, I don't think it's too too terrible.  Any other sort of suggestions are welcome and appreciated and begged for.

As I said in an earlier post, I'm actually rather proud of this little (8,000-ish words) fic, and I want to get it out and about ASAP, so if you're interested in helping me out, just comment below, and let me know what you can do to help! (full beta, grammar only, etc.)

Anything else you want to know about the story, just ask in the comments.

Thanks so much, and I'm counting on you, dear friends list!

*super-duper smooches to all*
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( Mar. 12th, 2009 01:24 am)
I'm gonna start posting some old poems of mine that I wrote awhile ago, just for kicks.  I haven't written any in a while, and I'm just copy-and-pasting these, so that the urge to edit does not strike! *g*

So read, enjoy (hopefully!), and comment if you want to.

*smooches to all!*
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( Mar. 11th, 2009 09:29 pm)
I'm almost finished with my most recent J/B story, and I'm having such a good time with it! (especially now that the finish line is drawing near!)

I will post an Official Request (*g* ) for a beta as soon as it is complete, with details and title and all such things.

I'm actually pretty proud of this one; it makes me think that my writing is finally improving. :)

*smooches to all*
Okay, so I don't know if this is a sooper-stoopid thing to not know, but I'm giving my address to someone(guess who! *g*) outside the U.S., and I'm not sure all of what to put.  Is there a country code?  How does she make sure it gets to the U.S. and all that? 

Thanks for your help from the Totally Clueless Person!

*smooches to all*
It's a little late for this, but my lack of internet holds me back. :)



I am happy in my squeedom.


*smooches to all*

Mini-squee of Castle v. The Sentinel just because )
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( Mar. 7th, 2009 09:55 pm)
This is hilarious! I'm watching In & Out, and I didn't expect to be laughing my a** off like this!

Just felt I had to share this little tidbit! *g*

*smooches to all*
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( Mar. 7th, 2009 07:33 pm)

Okay, so I have a Question.

(many parenthesicles and much begging below) )

*smooches to all!*
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( Mar. 7th, 2009 06:24 pm)
[livejournal.com profile] kaleecat 's most recent post just reminded me about this series, Castle, which is starting on Monday on ABC.  I haven't seen many previews of it, but what I did see REALLY reminded me of The Sentinel.  The dynamic between the two characters, and I think I even heard a 'stay in the car' once or twice.  Has anyone else heard more about it, and if so, do you see what I'm talking about, or am I just being a crazy, obsessed devoted fangirl?

*wondering if she should invest herself in another show*

*smooches to all*
I truly love everyone on my friends list, oh so much, even those of you who I don't know too well.  So that's what this is for.  Answer the questions in a comment below.

1. Can you cook?
2. What was your dream growing up?
3. What talent do you wish you had?
4. Favorite place?
5. Favorite vegetable?
6. What was the last book you read?
7. What zodiac sign are you ?
8. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings?
9. Worst Habit?
10. Do we know each other outside of lj?
11. What is your favorite sport?
12. Negative or Optimistic attitude?
13. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me?
14. Worst thing to ever happen to you?
15. Tell me one weird fact about you:
16. Do you have any pets?
17. Do you know how to do the macarena?
18. What time is it where you are now?
19. Do you think clowns are cute or scary?
20. If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be?
21. Would you be my crime partner or my conscience?
22. What color eyes do you have?
23. Ever been arrested?
24. Bottle or Draft?
25. If you won $10,000 dollars today, what would you do with it?
26. What kind of bubble gum do you prefer to chew?
27. What's your favorite bar to hang at?
28. Do you believe in ghosts?
29. Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
30. Do you swear a lot?
31. Biggest pet peeve?
32. In one word, how would you describe yourself?
33. Will you repost this so I can fill it out and do the same for you?

*smooches to all*
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( Mar. 4th, 2009 09:49 pm)

I figure I might as well talk about it, since (I'm guessing) lots of people will be doing the same soon, too.

On the Yahoo group Sentinalia (and others, for all I know) people have been complaining  talking about the websites category being removed.  I'm just an innocent little newbie here, so I don't have all that much to say, but it seems to me that people are making this into a bigger deal than it should be.  Yes, I understand that people want to be included in the awards, and that for some, the only way is through their websites.  However, in my lowly opinion, these awards should be a warm-fuzzy-happy way to show your appreciation for the fandom and its wonderful contributors.  They  shouldn't be about expecting to win, or wanting to win yourself.  If you *do* win, enjoy it, because it's well-deserved, but remember that this should all be about having fun, not about a competition.

*falls off soapbox*

On a lighter note, I am LOVING these awards (it's my first year participating in them), and am happily squeeing as I nominate my faves.

What do you all think?

*smooches to all*
Rockstar energy drinks taste like slushpuppies, but just the syrup, no ice.  O_O

Hopefully soon I will be crackling with energy and Ready To Endure the BoE meeting I have to go to tonight.

Also, I am waveringly fully determined to finish this dang short fic I've been working on, send it to betas, and be RID of it.  And then move on to procrastinating on other fics.

*smooches to all*

UPDATE: Rockstar and LMFA squeeness make me bouncy.  The meeting was a drag.  No progress on the fic as of yet.  *bounce*
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( Mar. 3rd, 2009 08:52 pm)

You are The Lovers

Motive, power, and action, arising from Inspiration and Impulse.

The Lovers represents intuition and inspiration. Very often a choice needs to be made.

Originally, this card was called just LOVE. And that's actually more apt than "Lovers." Love follows in this sequence of growth and maturity. And, coming after the Emperor, who is about control, it is a radical change in perspective. LOVE is a force that makes you choose and decide for reasons you often can't understand; it makes you surrender control to a higher power. And that is what this card is all about. Finding something or someone who is so much a part of yourself, so perfectly attuned to you and you to them, that you cannot, dare not resist. This card indicates that the you have or will come across a person, career, challenge or thing that you will fall in love with. You will know instinctively that you must have this, even if it means diverging from your chosen path. No matter the difficulties, without it you will never be complete.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.


Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!

Okay, most of my stuff is actually 'in progress', so I'm gonna do....5.  Yeah, that sounds good.

Little bit o' bad language )

And that's that.
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( Mar. 2nd, 2009 09:54 am)

Happy Birthday

To [livejournal.com profile] mostcrazylady !!!!

Hope it's wonderful and full of all of your favorite people and things!
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( Mar. 2nd, 2009 09:21 am)

So all this talk of pokey sticks and procrastinating gave me a bit of an idea, but this is me, so I need to know if it's workable/good/already out there. 

I thought that there should be some sort of pokey-stick community (or something) where everybody who signs up gets the name of someone to poke encourage about their writing, and in turn, their name is given to someone else.  This could probably be done partially anonymously, as long as you knew who you supposed to poke.

It could be a writer's support group kinda thingy, on a more individual basis, and maybe every month or so the names could rotate? 
This could be for any fandom, or just TS, or whatever.

So what do you guys think?  Anyone want to expand on the idea, or make it work, or am I just stupid, and it's already happening?

*smooches to all*

As if I needed it.  Every once in a while, when I brush my hair a certain way, I get to see (joy of all joys) my white hair.  I'm eighteen; I shouldn't be complaining about white hair.  But here I am.  *sigh*

*smooches to all*

So, krossero, your LiveJournal reveals...


You are... 0% unique and 30% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy writing). When it comes to friends you are popular. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are keen to please. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is conventional.

Your overall weirdness is: 7

(The average level of weirdness is: 29.
You are weirder than 8% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

THIS IS MY HILARIOUS LIFE. I just *knew* I'd either be *way* out there in weirdness, or completely normal. Hoorah! \o/

I guess my interest in wildlife rehabilitation doesn't count as unique....*g*

*smooches to all*
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( Mar. 1st, 2009 12:25 pm)

After the TS episode chat, during which we discussed procrastination, and [livejournal.com profile] spacepixell waved her sharp pointy pokey stick at all the slow-mo authors there, I decided to take a look at my fics.  I'm so glad I did, because I found out something; I really, really like some of them!

So now I'm back in writing mode (yay!) and feel Good.

That's all, nothing important (as if it ever is....)

*smooches to all*

P.S.: Thanx, Space!  Your Pointy Stick of Terror is amazing!

The other day when reading the warnings on a fic, knowing that it was angsty, I scanned to find out if it had a happy ending. Finding no indication either way, I thought to scroll to the bottom and read the end. Gasp! When did I become *that* person? Once, I disdained those who read the end first, or at least strongly identified myself as *not* one of them. No offense intended to anyone who does read the end first, by the way.

I always just enjoyed the story, *for* the story, whether or not the end was happy. Now, I find that I have become a wimp.

From now on, I am re-dedicating myself to reading good stories, happy or not. And I will firmly squish that part of me (I suspect that this is where my muse comes from) that cringes at the hurt-with-little-comfort stories, the dark!fics, the death!fics, the *shudder*-- breakup stories.

Long live good reading!

Down with the tyranny of sugary sweetness!

*smooches to all*

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( Feb. 28th, 2009 03:30 pm)

Here's my episode notes from this week's discussion episode, Love and Guns. (season 1, episode 8).


Love and Guns silly notes )

As always, don’t take me too seriously, ‘cause I don’t. *g*

School's out today for some reason-- Superintendant's Conference, I think-- and I find I have nothing to do.  But that's okay--I'm perfectly content to laze about for now.  *g*

I just wish I had some new Sentinel eps. *wistful sigh*

*smooches to all*

Edit: Okay, maybe not so delightfully after all....


off to write fic, I guess....

Grabbed from [personal profile] alyburns
OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

For using the word "crap" one time.

*hangs head*

I'm not very good at being a rotten teenager, am I?

*smooches to all*

This was unexpected: RB in Nip/Tuck preview.

enjoy, if you haven't seen it (and the ep) already!

*smooches to all*
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( Feb. 24th, 2009 07:16 pm)

The FAFSA is complete....ugh.  Took me long enough.  (for those of you who know about it, yes, I KNOW it's a lot little late to be filing it, but oh well...)

I am now relieved.

*smooches to all*
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( Feb. 24th, 2009 06:03 pm)
Just wanted to spread the word about GoodSearch!  I've been using it for "Friends of the Moonridge Zoo"

*smooches to all*
This isn't a discussion, a review, notes, or anything deep at all.  (as if it ever is, with me. :P)

I just re-watched Sentoo two, and I noticed--Incacha's speaking English, there, right there!! *points*


I know I can't be the first one to notice this, but I still go "hunh?"

*smooches to all*
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( Feb. 23rd, 2009 05:31 pm)
that says "I survived watching Sentoo".

*smooches to all*
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( Feb. 22nd, 2009 03:17 pm)
I'm nearing the end of the third season of The Sentinel.  I ♥ this show and its slashiness....really, there are points when I think, "It just doesn't GET any gayer than that!!" 

Ignore the insane fangirl.

*smooches to all*
I am officially in love with Megan Conner.  She is badass.  That is all. *bg*

*smooches to all*
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( Feb. 22nd, 2009 09:25 am)

So, yeah.  I am bored and nosy, so what I want to ask is how you get your fics betaed.  Do you have one person who regularly betas for you?  Have you joined a list?  What works for you?

I've just joined sentinel_betas on squidge, and I'm hoping that works out for me when I'm ready with another fic.

Feed my curiosity and tell me all!  :-)

*smooches to all*

P.S. If anyone's ever interested, I absolutely love everyone on my friends list, and would be mega-grateful to have any of you beta for me!!

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( Feb. 22nd, 2009 08:53 am)
New plot bunny-- happily bouncing along.  I got a quick little extra bunny this morning, that actually ended up tying in with last night's very well.  I am happy.

# 13 on the list (the winnah) -- no progress.  :(   I am a bad person.  It is shelved for the moment, although I might take a crack at it today.  All I've done so far is look it over and say, "Huh."

My first fic ever -- I've finished another edit of it, and I'm thinking that I've done all I can on paper, and the next step is to type it up and send it off to betas.  But the problem is, it needs SO MUCH WORK.  It *was* my first, after all.  *sigh* And not to mention, it's over 14,000 words long (estimate) -- I don't wanna type it up!! :(

So basically, I am a lazy fic writer.  But they're moving along, and maybe I'll actually get something finished this week.  One can only hope.

*smooches to all*

Yup, I am a confirmed geek.  I take notes on the sentinel episodes for each week's discussion.  I keep 'em, so I figure I might as well post 'em.  Here's my thoughts on this week's episode, Rogue.


Rogue and the wonderfulness of Lee Brackett )


Hope you don't ever expect anything too serious from me...

Trust me, you won't get it. :D

*smooches to all*

P.S.  Thanks to my Private for being my errand-girl and checking Lee's name for me!!  =D
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( Feb. 21st, 2009 07:20 pm)
I got a plot bunny, I got a plot bunny! *dances plot bunny dance*  Hee!  Sooo happy!  :)  I don't usually post about every little bunny that visits me, but this one is so special!  *pets cute bunny adoringly*  Yay!

Ohhh, it's so...just so....*makes strange noise* there's just no words for how happy this little bunny just made me.  I thought all the bunnies had run away, but it turns out I just had a bunny-force-field up, and as soon as I let it down, this delightful fellow hopped up!

He's dark, and angsty, and about a theme that I've been wanting to see more of.  I just never thought it would come from me!  My muse must be depressed.  I am glad.  I wonder who kicked a puppy in front of her.  Whoever you were, thank you!  I think I'll name this bunny Bob.

Happy squees to all!

I've been reading/scanning the posts and comments on the discussion that Aly brought up, "I like my gay men straight" (not exact wording, but w/e). 

All I have to say is that I write fanfiction for fun, and the day I start to overthink it, like I do with the rest of my life, is the day that I pack it up and at the very least take a break.  Don't get me wrong, these discussions are all very enlightening, and thinking is a Good Thing, but for me, that's not what the fandom is about.

As for feminizing the guys...or Blair in particular....I worried about it at first, but now my mantra when writing is, "GUYS HAVE FEELINGS TOO!!"  Whether they want us to know that or not. *g*

Okay, that's all I had to say.  Haven't been here long, but it's fun to have a voice, even if it is a teeny tiny squeaky mousy one. *g*

*smooches to all*
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( Feb. 18th, 2009 10:10 pm)

lucky number 13!!  thanks to the votes of [livejournal.com profile] maaaaa  and [livejournal.com profile] spacepixell of LJ and some random girl from school.  Not to mention that it's my all-time favorite number EVER!!!

Thanks to all who voted!!  Read below the cut for a quick tiny synopsis of the fic you picked! :D


Thanks again, and when this is ready, I'll be begging for a beta, so be prepared, f-list!! *g*

Love you all! *smooch*
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( Feb. 18th, 2009 03:14 pm)
Only a few hours left to Pick my fics!

Enjoy your chance to decide my writing fate!  =D

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( Feb. 17th, 2009 07:24 pm)
Come one, come all, and join the Great Day of Making Katherine's Decisions For Her!!!  This is a rare opportunity to exercise the puppeteer in you, and to tell me (indirectly) what to do! Sounds like tons of fun, right?  Thought so. 

Here's what you have to do:  Simply comment below with a number between 1 and 60 (any number-your favorite, your birthday, etc.) and I will use these numbers to decide which of my fanfics to write next.  I am completely unable to make this simple decision for myself, so I am leaving it in the capable hands of my F-list and fate.

Tell your friends!  Tell your enemies!  Spread the word!  I'm looking for gads of numbers here, people, because I need help! (Yes, I KNOW I need professional help, too.) *g*

You have until ten o' clock eastern time on Wednesday to decide the fate of my plot bunnies, so hurry up, before this golden opportunity passes!  I'm counting on you, Dear Friends List!

*smooches to all*

Edit: Oops!  Forgot to say ten o' clock Wednesday to give me your numbers.  My bad!
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( Feb. 16th, 2009 10:03 am)
Just letting my meandering thoughts shuffle their way onto my LJ.  That's what it's here for, right?  So, thinking about my writing issues, I've come up with this Theory of The Day:  I think that a lot of my reluctance to write at the moment has to do with my style of writing vs. the type of things that I'm reading right now.  For the most part, I write fluffy bits of nothing that float away upon the winds (don't mind my weirdness today).  However, I'm not in a "fluff mood" lately, preferring to read things with actual plots, and character development, and all those wonderful things that come with Real Author-dom.  But I'm not a Real Author, IMO, because I'm just starting out, and I don't think I could do justice to a Real Story. 

So there it is, Theory # 852 (heh).....*shrugs* I'll get there eventually, I guess, but for now I stare wistfully off into the distance at the pretty, shiny status of GOOD.

Thanks for reading! *smooches all*
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( Feb. 15th, 2009 10:57 am)

Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] callistosh65 !!  I hope it's a great one! *blows kisses and shoves virtual cake in your face* *g*


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