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Today experience.  On the bus to school this morning, I started to fiddle around with the idea of asking for help for myself.  Just started to think about it, is all.  I certainly didn't expect to actually follow through with it.  And what I REALLY didn't expect is that when I couldn't talk to the woman I know and rather like, I didn't back down, but tried again, with another woman whom I happen to *really* not like at all.  So, yeah, today I actually gave in and asked for help.  Now, this is sort of kind of really a major deal for me, considering the fact that just two years ago I was dragged kicking and screaming to do what I just VOLUNTEERED myself for.  And I think it's gonna work out.  I spent about an hour talking to the school counselor, a new one (to me, at least) and I can actually see myself following through with this.  And the best part?  It's FREE.  We're just going through the school, not the company she works for, like the last time when I *had* to do it.

Oh, wait.  Did I say *that* was the best part?  Maybe not, because MY PARENTS DON'T EVEN KNOW.  Yes, I think that is definitely a major contender for the position of Best Things About Me Going Into Therapy.

Hee, my new therapist told me that I am a perfect candidate for therapy.  She kept reiterating that I shouldn't be offended by that.  Sadly, I was somewhat thrilled.  Yay me!

And it was HOT today.  It's April, not July!  (Just so you're not confused, Oh Great Ones That Control The Weather)

All in all, things are starting to look up.

*smooches to all*

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Wow, sounds intense... ^^'' *fjew*
I know the feeling... I went into theraphy some year ago...
and it really helped! :)
Glad you're feeling good about it. *hugooch*

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Thanks! I sorta shocked myself by actually going through with it, if you couldn't tell. :)


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I really hope the therapy works out well. If you had therapy (though not willingly) before, your parents weren't against it then, right? Hopefully, if you do tell them, they'll see it as a good thing. I hope so.


As for the weather, I'd like some warmer weather please. It's struggling to get into the 50s here.

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They weren't against it, they were the ones who made me do it, sort of. But now I'm not really sure they even realize I need help, and I certainly don't want to tell them. They've got enough on their plates already, and besides, I don't think they'd really understand. They're sort of used to me taking care of myself, and I rarely ask for help like this, so I don't know if they'd even think I genuinely need this.

*hugs back*

I *would* send you some of our weather, but recent reports say that we're supposed to get rain for the next two days, and I'm guessing you're not wanting any of that, right? *g*

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Sounds like you're off to a good start. Being willing to talk to your therapist makes a big difference in what you'll learn about yourself.


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Yeah, let's hope it works out well. As willing as I am to try to make this work, I can't be sure that I won't just clam up when the time comes to talk again. Thanks for the support! *hugs*


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