It is ridiculously lovely and warm out, and I am seriously contemplating sleeping outside.  Like, totally, guys! ♥  Yeah, I don't get me either.

I haz a friend (STOP LAUGHING) who is sleeping over tonight.  She is evilly taking over my brain, and knows what I'm going to say/ type before I do it.  I HAVE KNOWN THIS GIRL FOR FAR TOO LONG.  Also, she is a wimp and will not sleep outside with me.  What a conundrum.

As usual, I sincerely felt that you all desperately needed to know this.  Don't worry, now you'll rest easy tonight.  I'm so good for you, like a balm to your poor aching souls.  I know this.  You don't have to thank me.  *smiles graciously*

Ahem.  Yes.  Going back to the looney bin for now.

*smooches to all*
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