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([personal profile] krossero Apr. 3rd, 2009 02:45 pm)

It's vacation! Spring Vacation! Yes, it's a little weird (we have to go to school in the middle of the week next week because we missed too much school from the snow), but, still, VACATION!! And I don't even have that much school work to do, so it shall be time to laze about and happily ignore somehow miss parental commands to get off my lazy bum and DO SOMETHING!!

So: I want recs! Lots of recs!  Give me your fave fics from the TS fandom, please!  And do not fear the self-promotion, it would make me oh so happy!  This is an order a gentle, squeeful request, dear f-list, so GET YOUR BUTTS TO WORK please help!  *big grin* ILU all!

And on a more solemn note, I heard about the terrible situation with [ profile] betagoddess , and I will be writing her a quick fic for the care package that [ profile] morgan32 is sending her.  Can anyone who knows her tell me what she likes?  I really want to write something that will make her smile.

*smooches to all*
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