This weekend is turning out to be as great as I'd hoped it'd be. 

Last night, I finished The Sentinel, and while that brought a certain amount of grieving, it was happy grief. :) And, I took a wonderful nummy hot bath with a really nice lavender oil.  'Twas relaxing and peaceful.

Today, I conned my mom into watching a bit of the first episode of The Sentinel with me, and I hope to soon get her addicted! \o/  Also, I finished a short little fic, which the lovely [ profile] snycock agreed to beta for me.

Tonight, my friend Jess is coming over, and there shall be pizza and more Sentinel, and joy.

Yay for the weekend!

*smooches to all*
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The Sentinel and the fandom is a wonderful thing! I hope your Mom shares our enthusiasm!


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*nod, nod* It is indeed a wonderful thing. :D

I hope to spread the joy and addictedness. It is my mission. \o/



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