I am home, people!  Home.  With my mom and my pets and my bed and my loverly internet.  Oh, and did I mention my bed?  Yes, that's right, I shall be sleeping in my own bed tonight, the *big* one, for the first time in over a week.  Yes.

And last night(? was it last night?) I had a moment of great squee when I found Jim's birthday in canon.  Am I the last one to know of this?  Why didn't I know this before?  It makes me squee of happy.  Did I also miss Blair's birthday, other than '69?  Am I the last one to know everything about anything?

Oh, and guess what? IT'S FREAKING FRIDAY, GUYS.  After an endlessly long week involving much school shit (including, but not limited to, slightly stalkerish principals, threats of *shudder* guidance counselors, and not all my film getting developed for photo class), very little family shit (thank the lord), and mild friend shit (speaking of which, I should call Jess--note to self).  And it is now Friday.  Friday. FRIDAY>

Forgive my incoherency.

*smooches to all*


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