It's nice to be home. :) I've been at my dad's for the past few days, and there was an extra day thrown in for him, so I've been all kerfluffled.  I'm good now, though. *g*

Joy! I received the sentinel dvd's from [ profile] starwatcher307 !  Woohoo!  I shall snuggle in and enjoy and squee over those that I haven't seen yet.  But really, I just have to say--*facepalm headdesk pshaaaw* Because after literally *weeks* of not hearing from the woman who sends me the eps online, I just checked my e-mail and found two eps sitting there waiting for me.  Today.  The very day I get them on DVD.  I mean, really.  But Joy! all around anyway, I guess the universe has just aligned for me to watch TS. :D

And yes, I *should* be working on my Othello essay that's due tomorrow.  I know this.  But really? *holds hands in measury-pose* Othello essay.  Unseen Sentinel eps.  Which would you choose?  Sleep's overrated anyway.

Oh, and my dad's ultra-conservative friend stopped over today.  Despite the residual tingles-of-righteousness that I'm always left with after talking with him, I actually really enjoy it when he visits.  I get to mildly debate things such as politics and global warming and how liberalism will be the downfall of the earth with him, and he never seems to mind when I break out into giggles at what he says sometimes.  He's quite respectful of my beliefs.  He thinks they're dead wrong, of course, and he does his fair share of head-shaking and laughing at me, but he doesn't really try to push his beliefs on me.  Yay!

Well, I guess I was just feeling a bit chatty, seeing as I've been away from the Internetz since *gasp* Sunday! O_O  Holy crap, man, that's a long time!

And WOW to the P-L and Sentinalia discussions that I missed! (I lurk only on these lists.)  But I did my fair share of fist-pumping and "go you!"-ing as I read, and thanks to those who were pro-non-biasedness based on age!  ILU!! ♥

Okay, that's it for now, I swear. *g*

*smooches to all*


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