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( Feb. 28th, 2009 03:30 pm)

Here's my episode notes from this week's discussion episode, Love and Guns. (season 1, episode 8).


Love and Guns silly notes )

As always, don’t take me too seriously, ‘cause I don’t. *g*

The other day when reading the warnings on a fic, knowing that it was angsty, I scanned to find out if it had a happy ending. Finding no indication either way, I thought to scroll to the bottom and read the end. Gasp! When did I become *that* person? Once, I disdained those who read the end first, or at least strongly identified myself as *not* one of them. No offense intended to anyone who does read the end first, by the way.

I always just enjoyed the story, *for* the story, whether or not the end was happy. Now, I find that I have become a wimp.

From now on, I am re-dedicating myself to reading good stories, happy or not. And I will firmly squish that part of me (I suspect that this is where my muse comes from) that cringes at the hurt-with-little-comfort stories, the dark!fics, the death!fics, the *shudder*-- breakup stories.

Long live good reading!

Down with the tyranny of sugary sweetness!

*smooches to all*



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