Serious internet withdrawal is a bitch.  But, unfortunately, it is an unhealthy part of my life that occurs regularly, as my father's house does not have the Internet.  Sigh. 

However, I am now home, comfortably mired in my Livejournal, fanfics, and downloaded episodes of the Sentinel. 

Right now, I'm watching Storm Warning.  Four minutes in, and they're *so* together that it makes for squee!pants.  Life is good.

The End

P.S.-- inane ramblings are fun.

P.P.S.-- I am currently in a state of mild euphoria, so I am no longer pulling my hair out over my poor Sentinel Thursday story that went astray.  I swear, it wasn't supposed to happen, but (UGH) my freakin' muse is sooo disgustingly sappy that sometimes I just want to kick a puppy in front of her.  That'd teach her.


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